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I can think of about 10 recent Miss USAs that she's prettier than including some of the favorites.

(NT) -- people are such haters, 11/08/17 Wed There is a "disclaimer" about her beauty because she was never chosen as the most beautiful.

The reason is that I just do not find it unique in a way Miss Intl and to an extent Miss Supranational is.

And Filipinas winning and coming close to winning all the time, lol.

Three of the past four winners are Miss Philippines?

(NT) -- Tiki-Java, 11/04/17 Sat For every national director that pulls out of Miss Earth, there will always be two or three fighting each other to get a franchise.You have always stated in some of your posts that girls should take advantage of every available pageant out there, and now you are suggesting the opposite. (NT) -- shamcey, 11/05/17 Sun Shamcey, it is isn't weird at all that I would suggest girls not bother with a system in which they apparently have no chance in winning because the judging is far too nationalistic towards the organizing nation (Philippines in this case).As a contestant, I feel you have a fair shot of advancing in any system, save for Miss Earth at this point.Looking back at some of the old tapes, some of the contestants look as if they are dragging a barge across the stage.It also looked as if it were hard to stay out of the other contestants way in the opening number. I never liked the costumes at USA it was always silly.

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