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Other mental health consequences are anxiety, substance abuse, and low-self esteem.

A 2014 study on the mental health effects of intimate partner terrorism found that 42% of women reported thoughts of suicide and 31% had attempted it.

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Violent resistance on its own is non-reciprocal, but is in face reciprocal when in response to intimate terrorism. Johnson argues for four major types of intimate partner violence (Johnson's Typology), Intimate terrorism, or coercive controlling violence, occurs when one partner in a relationship uses coercive control and power over the other partner, using threats, intimidation, and isolation.The most common but less injurious form of intimate partner violence is "situational couple violence" (also known as "situational violence"), which is conducted by individuals of both genders nearly equally, Intimate partner violence occurs between two people in an intimate relationship.It may occur between heterosexual or homosexual couples and victims can be male or female.A 2011 systematic review from the journal of Trauma Violence Abuse also found that the common motives for female on male domestic violence were anger, a need for attention, or as a response to their partner's own violence.Another 2011 review published in the journal of Aggression and Violent behavior found differences in the methods of abuse employed by men and women, suggesting that men were more likely to "beat up, choke or strangle" their partners, while women were more likely to "throw something at their partner, slap, kick, bite, punch, or hit with an object".

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