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For more information about alternatives, see our other pages (index) The information below refers to formal complaints made about NSW Police officers only (not Australian Federal Police, or police from other states).A police complaint can be about many aspects of police work.Instead, they are about police not doing their job properly, in one way or another.A formal complaint should specify: There is an online template on the NSW Police Force website (see ‘lodge your complaint online’), for making complaints, however, we suggest you get some legal advice before making the complaint.If you feel you are being unfairly treated as a result of making a complaint, you may want to make an additional complaint, possibly to a different organisation.You should seek legal advice about your options – see Where to get legal advice.In considering your complaint, you can expect that the investigating officer will: Most complaints are expected to be resolved within 45 days.Complaints with evidence-based investigations have guidelines suggesting finalisation within 90 days. Do not be surprised if you receive very little information from the Police Force about how they investigated your complaint, or what they found.

If you don’t want to deal with the police directly, you might feel safer with a community worker, or lawyer, assisting you with the complaint, and being the point of contact with the police.

in relation to matters where they need police help) after they have made a complaint.

Other people feel that they are singled out, or charged unfairly with minor offences, after they have made a complaint.

A written complaint also means that there is proof that the complaint has been made, and it cannot be ignored.

If you want to make a complaint in writing, but need help, contact a Community Legal Centre for assistance in writing it down.

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