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(Important: it is not possible to change to student status if you receive a tourist immigration stamp on arrival).

You will also need to register with immigration authorities soon after arrival in Ireland if staying for more than 90 days (or before the date on your passport stamp, if earlier).

The immigration officer who deals with you on arrival can refuse you entry if they are not satisfied with your paperwork or answers to their questions.

Be sure to bring all of the documents you have have received from your school or university (e.g.

For citizens of all countries not included on Schedule 1, a visa will be required to travel to Ireland to study. Even if you haven't pre-booked a course, make sure that you tell the immigration officer that you are coming to Ireland as a student so that you receive the correct immigration permission stamp in your passport.Be ready to answer questions about your studies and attendance on the course.If you required a visa to enter Ireland (non-Schedule 1 countries), it important to understand that the visa originally issued to you was to allow you to enter the Republic of Ireland once.If you want to leave for a short while and then return - including visiting Northern Ireland - you must apply for a re-entry visa in advance (at least 3 weeks is advised). In-person visits require an appointment to be made online.A single entry visa costs €60; a multiple entry visa costs €100 (with some exemptions for family members of EEA/Swiss nationals).

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