Is letoya luckett and slim thug still dating

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We were pulled out of school in the sixth grade, so we didn't get to go to the prom or do any of that homecoming queen stuff. We were very keen and focused for a bunch of kids." It seems fitting that Knowles and Luckett first teamed up on songs from Pinocchio.The way that Luckett and Robertson tell it, Knowles's father, Mathew, was the puppet master of Destiny's Child.She took the mike at Brentwood Baptist, Houston, aged five, cutting her teeth on gospel standards."It was more about feeling than getting the notes right.[Hook - Slim Thug & (La Toya Luckett)] Nigga we hustlers, we please our customers Pay me or I'm a bust ya! In the hood we funnel, dough by the bundle I make a fucking ton folk! Bentleys to Hummers, winters to summers Ya can't take it from us! (Here without ya babe, I never wanna live without ya babe! [Verse - Slim Thug] Let's get to it G, I grind hard if anybody time do it's me I'm from the hood mayne, where niggas good slang And they'll take ya head off for a lil change (yeah! Ain't shit changed, just switched games My bank account ain't the same, but I'm still the same Everything you niggas done, I done done it twice Me and my Hoggz nothing nice, this is my life!

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Ya probably make a lil cash out shows But I spend that type of cash on ho's We big bosses, in big houses This ain't no ordinary cars, we big flossas I made it legal now, fuck them people now!“I think, and I can’t really speak on it like that, but anytime you open up and allow yourself to love and love hard, that’s the risk you take of it possibly not working out. I’m all for forward movement.” What are your thoughts on Luckett’s classy response to her split? And although we really did love and care for each other, it just didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to. In groups, who sings this part or that part always turns into an issue.Eventually you get the courage to go out on your own." Like many an R&B diva, Luckett began singing in church.

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