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Here's another personal account about Little Makena: My wife and I recently visited Little Makena beach in Maui.the last morning there we decided to take a chance on finding it. our only regret was we didn't have enough time before we flew back to Honolulu to really enjoy the beach and being nude.He called Kauai Police to complain nude persons were at Secret Beach.Kauai Naturists has verified this by obtaining the KPD police logs showing Takenaka as the complainant. Kauai Naturists obtained a copy of his employment contract under Hawaii's sunshine law.

Donkey, Larsen's, and Secret are not state park beaches and topfree is fine at all 3.i had gotten directions off the Internet before we left the states . we turned into Makena state park, which is a pretty beach too,and adjoining that beach is little Makena beach. we had to climb over that rock to get to little beach. now we are seniors and our bodies are no longer in the best of shape but we didn't care. the beach is small and there were only 30 or 40 people there. the hot sun the sand and the breezes on our nude bodies were delicious.being senior citizens it was quite arduous but was worth when we got to the top and gazed down on gorgeous little beach. Since we`ve been home, I`ve been on the Internet to find nude beaches here in Florida.He has also been observed at different times carrying a mace cannister, handcuffs, cell phone, walkie talkie, and binoculars.For a few years his routine was to walk up and down the length of Secret Beach taking phone pictures of nude persons and claiming to email them to Kauai Police.

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