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There is a relative simplicity within Islam with structure and theology in this respect.Islam began to have a more significant influence on the Latino community in the barrios in the Northeast in the early 70s through converts being introduced to the religion in African-American mosques.Many Latinos feel a connection with Spain’s centuries of influence of Islam through the Moors.For example, the Spanish language has remnants of Arabic influence in words like "Ojalá" (may God will) and "olé," derived from "Allah." There is not a lot of information about Hispanic and Latino Muslims from the colonial period up to the 19th century.Latin Americans, Spaniards, White Latin Americans, Criollos, American Indians, Afro-Latin Americans, Asian Latin Americans, Mestizos, Mulattoes, Pardos, Castizos, Tejanos, Chicanos, Nuyoricans, Portuguese Americans Hispanic and Latino American Muslims are Hispanic and Latino Americans who are of the Islamic faith.Hispanic and Latino Americans are an ethnolinguistic group of citizens of the United States with origins in the countries of Latin America or the Iberian peninsula.Islam is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion articulated by the Qur'an and by the Sunnah of Muhammad, who is believed to be the messenger to all mankind and Jinns until the Day of Judgement.The Spaniards took the Roman Catholic faith to Latin America, and Roman Catholicism continues to be the largest, but not the only, religious denomination among most Hispanics.

Rather it sided with the rich and the influential." This, he argues, has contributed to some Latinos converting to Islam.

Other reasons for conversion include finding resonance with Islam after researching other religions, or having an academic interest in Islam that leads to a spiritual interest.

Others also choose to convert because they are dating or married to someone who is Muslim.

For Muslims, this consists of acceptance in the belief of tawhid, which is Islamic monotheism, and a belief that Muhammad is a messenger of God.

This is the basis of the shahada, or declaration of faith.

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