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Gabriela has taken "a lot of stick", as she puts it, over her association with Opik, whom she met on a television set in October 2006.

Coming so soon after the break-up of Opik's relationship with Lloyd, the perky weather forecaster was none too happy. It was quite strange for a first date to go to the Science Museum."Among other things, Lembit is famous for promoting the threat to Earth from rogue asteroids. "He is known for talking about steroids hitting the Earth. I don't consider myself Einstein but I'm not stupid, either."The Cheekies were accused of using Opik's political clout to ensure they could stay working in the UK when their right to residency was under threat.

They've endured much worse in their short but eventful career.But seven months down the line, the former Liberal Democrat MP and his partner are ready to talk about their baby, which is due in less than two months. I feel the same way as I do about hearing a marvellous piece of music. I’ve wanted to have kids for a long time," he added to The Mirror.Lembit said of the happy news: "I get emotional about it all the time. Lembit and Sabina decided to keep their pregnancy news a secret because former fiancées Sian Lloyd, a weather presenter he was with for four years, and Cheeky Girl Gabriela both miscarried while pregnant by him.It is Margareta, the Cheekies' formidable mother-cum-manager, checking the venue for their imminent interview. But it's a beautiful spring day and…No, interjects Margareta firmly, the photographs must be taken inside.And one gets to thinking, why the girls must be kept away from bright sunlight. How could one forget - however one tried - the Cheeky Song? "We are the cheeky girls, we are the cheeky girls, you are the cheeky…" Waterboarding would be preferable.

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