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Marinette knows that she has to remain her somewhat perfect self to her friends and family. Tikki warns her, but Marinette is just too lost in those fiery green eyes to listen. AN: Before we got into the chapter, I just want to thank everyone for reading my story. You have no idea how surprised and happy I was when I first hit 100.

She has to follow all of the rules and keep her morals. I really thought this story was going to have like only 20 follows, no joke. Everywhere she turned, she always seemed to run into someone she knew.

Marinette went to her inbox and played one of the voicemails the last voicemail from Adrien.

When it started, she was surprised to hear Alya's voice instead of her boyfriend's.

But if she did kick out Chat Noir, she would have never been with Adrien Agreste, who was the unlucky black cat. After all, Alya and Nino had heard what happen, probably thinking the worst of her as of this moment.

Alya had defended her countless times, and all she did was sit there and lie, trying to protect not only herself but Chat as well.

Marinette pulled out her phone and her eyes widened as she saw all the missed calls, voicemails, and text messages she had received in the past hour.

Most of the calls were from Adrien, and a few from Alya and Nino.

A cold wind blew in Marinette's direction, and she started to shiver, her teeth chattering like crazy.

Marinette groaned into her knees and she started to shake violently.

It was pretty chilly after all, and Marinette ran out of the classroom without a coat on.

It's a part of life." Tikki patted the girl's knee reassuringly.

"Chloe should have known her place and not interfere with anyone's privacy.""And yet, she did anyway." Marinette sniffled, rubbing her arms from the cold.

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