Long distance dating idea

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” "Last summer I went to camp in another state, so I left my boyfriend a journal full of things to do and check off for the entire month I was gone.The list had things like "Make dinner for your family," "Send some funny You Tube videos for me to watch," and "Listen to the mix CD I made you!

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” ‬“My boyfriend and I keep journals where we write little notes to each other every day.

Most recently, I sent a jar of gummy worms that said 'Hooked On You!

' with a picture from a fishing trip we went on together!

Then we'd open one letter each day after we got the package so we'd always have something to look forward to the next day!

” "To make sure we always have a steady convo going, my boyfriend and I email each other our favorite Buzzfeed articles, memes, and You Tube videos.

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