Mandating drip irrigation

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nimal produces a thick, full coat that makes incredibly warm jackets, sweaters, hats and blankets.Alpaca fiber is stronger, lighter and more resilient than wool.But acrylic also has its downsides: Since it’s petroleum-based, it increases our dependence on fossil fuels. Its production exposes workers to toxic and potentially carcinogenic chemicals.And it is difficult to dispose of, as it biodegrades very slowly and recyclingoptions are limited.

It is a fundamental ingredient in concrete and asphalt, and can be used as a base for building foundations and as a roof surfacing material.

As a textile fiber, it resists shrinkage, stains, and wrinkling.

As a binder in paint it dries quickly and holds color well.

A philosophy of not contributing to the destruction of ancient and endangered forests in the production of paper materials, manufactured with a high percentage of post- consumer waste and no virgin fiber from old-growth, ancient or endangered forests: his brittle, silvery white heavy metal occurs naturally in the Earth’s crust.

Antimony is mixed with other metals to form alloys that are used in materials such as pipes and solder; in powder form, it is added to some plastics and textiles to reduce their flammability.

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