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After the 1930's, Schick rarely produced de luxe versions of their razors like Gillette and others did.

Some notable exceptions: the gold plated and gold filled handles released by Eversharp in 19, the up-scale "Golden 500" model released in the early 1960's, and the International Silver version with the "Paul Revere" tableware handle that appeared in the early 1970's.

Over the next few years, the name in advertising and on packaging changed to reflect their ownership.

The name became Eversharp Schick Injector Razor, with the 'Schick Injector' part getting smaller and printed in a different font and colour that emphasized the phrase "Eversharp Razor".

Subtle changes and refinements occurred on a regular basis.

And these clues, plus packaging, allow us to date the razor with some degree of accuracy.

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But through it all, from 1935 right into the 2000's, the basic mechanism remained the same.Warner Lambert was in turn engulfed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, who among other things is now selling Wilkinson designed razors under the Schick name in North America.Unfortunately they terminated sales of the razor in stores in North America in about 1998, although they are still available on the internet.Eversharp continued to dabble in putting their name on products like the Lady Eversharp Beauty Razor and The Lady Eversharp Band Razor right up to the time they sold their interest in the company, but they never fully re-created the Schick Injector Razor as the "Eversharp Razor".In 1969, Eversharp sold the Schick Safety Razor Company to Warner Lambert Company, a pharmaceutical conglomerate that still holds the rights, and they added Wilkinson Sword razors to their stable in the mid-1990's.

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