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In September, with the apparent assistance of local police, cartels kidnapped and massacred 43 students at a teaching college near the Mexican town of Iguala in response to student protests.A search in the area for the students has uncovered a number of mass graves containing mutilated bodies burned almost beyond recognition, but none of the remains have been confirmed to be of the students.

Here again, the cartels’ capture and trafficking of women dwarfs ISIL’s crimes. media have especially hyped ISIL’s violence against Americans. By contrast, the cartels killed 293 Americans in Mexico from 2007 to 2010 and have repeatedly attacked U. The US government cannot formulate an effective response to the narcos’ severe threats because the American public is far too busy disparaging Islam while the US military kills Arabs and Muslims abroad. In four years the cartels have managed to cause the deaths of more Americans than during 9/11 or either of those wars. However, the militants were primarily concerned with seizing and holding territory in Iraq and Syria until the U. To the extent ISIL wants to kill Americans, its primary tactic has been to try to lure U. troops to its turf by publicly executing citizens they already hold hostage. There are no realistic assessments indicating that ISIL could achieve a similar level of penetration in the United States.The narcos build and support churches all across Mexico to perpetuate their eschatology.One of the cartels, the Knights Templar (whose name evokes religious warfare), even boasts about its leader’s death and resurrection.When cartel members are killed, they are buried in lavish mausoleums, regarded as martyrs and commemorated in popular songs glorifying their exploits in all their brutality.Many of their members view the “martyrs” as heroes who died resisting an international order that exploits Latin America and fighting the feckless governments that enable it.

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