Most intimidating defensive nfl players

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He set a record by throwing a touchdown pass in 47 straight games, a mark that lasted 52 years.A five-time All-Pro and a three-time NFL MVP (1959, 1964, 1967), he helped the Colts to three NFL titles.So, he started seeing double-teams with tight ends.Finally, innovative 49ers coach Bill Walsh assigned an offensive lineman to block LT during his rookie year in 1981.

The Cleveland Browns’ fast, bruising running back was voted the greatest player in NFL history by a 15-member blue-ribbon panel commissioned by the Daily News to pick the 50 greatest players of all time.

Although Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor didn’t pick up one first-place vote, he finished second with 390 total points, followed by Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas (388).

Brown received first-place votes from Bill Polian, Hall of Famers Bill Parcells and Cris Carter, WFAN’s Mike Francesa, former Giants linebacker Carl Banks, former Bears GM Jerry Angelo, former Associated Press football columnist Dave Goldberg and Daily News football writer Hank Gola.

He would have left guard John Ayers swing out and try to catch Taylor coming off the edge. That does not include the 9½ he recorded as a rookie before sacks were an official statistic.

“He changed — or invented —the rush linebacker position while dominating the opposition,” former Bills, Panthers and Colts GM Bill Polian said. In the Giants’ first Super Bowl season in 1986, LT became the first defensive player to be named league MVP in 15 years.

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