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Upon escaping Groznyj Grad Snake headed to a rendezvous site to meet EVA, almost drowning himself in the process while evading the Ocelot Unit, and suffering a near-death experience involving deceased Cobra member, The Sorrow.Snake reunited with EVA, retrieved his equipment from her, and adopted the use of an eye patch.

Although he had been labeled Big Boss and became a legend in the black ops world due to his exploits, he continued to use the codename Naked Snake because he felt that he was unworthy of the title of Boss.

Because of this, as well as his blaming himself for allowing it to happen, he escorted him to a rehab facility where he could be taken care of.

The rehab facility later gave Jaeger over to the CIA for use in the Perfect Soldier Project.

He disguised himself as a GRU officer to infiltrate Groznyj Grad, rescue Sokolov and find out how to destroy the Shagohod.

However, the rescue attempt failed when Volgin saw through Snake's disguise, resulting in his capture.

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