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Of course, you would also have to find attractive models willing to have it done to them, but Mood Pictures continues to surprise me with the attractiveness of the girls that agree to be whipped like they are.

After the strokes cycle is complete, perhaps "Now we'll apply electricity...." Perhaps, for spice, at some juncture the experimenter might tell the teacher that poor learning is her fault, and that now she must be punished." There's going to be a Milgram 4 but I don't know if Pedro has shot the footage yet or not.Google as always is a quick and trusty friend for such information.There is of course the simple HDMI or just in general audio/video wire connection but if one likes using remotes and interfaces more of a "TV" nature there's HTPC builds, XBMC and other remote friendly video playing software, and IR recievers.One wouldn't ask them to start releasing their work on VHS because they don't know how to use DVDS..this is roughly the same thing.There's absolutely nothing done with a DVD that can't be replicated and probably to better effect with a simple movie file on the computer.

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