Opi dating a royal dupe

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Formula wise they are also pretty much the same so I'd just get whichever is easiest to find! Zoya Livingston vs Sation Napolean Dyna-matte vs Essie Twin Sweater Set.

No dupes between these 3, the differences were more noticeable in person than in the photo. Zoya Neve vs China Glaze Scandalous Shenanigans vs Zoya Tart vs Zoya Song.

China Glaze Strike Up A Cosmo vs Zoya Tinsley vs OPI Rally Pretty Pink.

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They are very close though, unless you REALLY like blue you don't need both.Mason is slightly darker and the finish is touch more shimmery but they are so close that you don't need both. OPI DS Lapis vs Zoya Sunshine vs China Glaze Skyscraper.Sunshine and Lapis are fairly close, the base is a bit different though..I used 2 coats of Muir Muir On The wall and Shoot For The Maroon and 3 coats of Midnight In Moscow for the photo below. Peace & Love & OPI and For The Twill Of It are I'd say like 98% dupes, I feel like Peace & Love & OPI might be a little bit more green toned but it's seriously so slight that you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart in person.If I could only pick 1 of these I'd go with the OPI, formula wise it was the best.

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