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But when the sort of Love that is crude and impulsive controls the seasons, he brings death and destruction" (188a).

Because it is love that guides the relations between these sets of opposites throughout existence, in every case it is the higher form of love that brings harmony and cleaves toward the good, whereas the impulsive vulgar love creates disharmony.

Who really knows what happened the night that Martin Duram was shot and killed in his Michigan home last spring?

Perhaps, his pet parrot witnessed the killing and heard Mr Duram’s desperate plea to the killer.

In his Symposium, Eryximachus, one of the narrators in the dialog, states that love goes far beyond simple attraction to human beauty.

He states that it occurs throughout the animal and plant kingdoms, as well as throughout the universe.

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Bonding is a mutual, interactive process, and is different from simple liking.

Humans in passionate relationships, according to Goethe, are analogous to reactive substances in a chemical equation.

The term pair bond originated in 1940 in reference to mated pairs of birds; referring to a monogamous or relatively monogamous relationship.

Plato concludes that the highest form of love is the greatest.

When love "is directed, in temperance and justice, towards the good, whether in heaven or on earth: happiness and good fortune, the bonds of human society, concord with the gods above—all these are among his gifts" (188d).

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