Problems with dating divorced men

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If you’re feeling guilty without anyone trying to manipulate your feelings, it could be a sign that you’re not honoring your truth in some way; you’re not telling a truth that you want to tell or you’re not taking action on something that feels true to you.

For example, for some women, there is guilt that surrounds dating a man who is separated or in the process of divorcing.

This can be a personal thing and determining where those boundaries are is completely up to you.

Or maybe you’re experiencing guilt around wanting to a relationship.

If your recently divorced (or even long divorced) beau is secretive and private about how he spends his time when you aren’t around, be concerned about why he isn’t forthcoming about these areas of his life.

If he doesn’t want to be open with you, and you get the sense that he’s being open with you, it could be that he’s hiding something about his life that he doesn’t want you to know.

Cheating can be a complicated act and not every man who has cheated is necessarily a cheater by nature, nor will he be a cheater.

If he thinks that what matters to you matter, you have to wonder whether he truly cares about what’s important to you.

What isn’t normal or healthy, however, is when those conversations start to become the only ones you’re having anymore, and you’re starting to feel like talking to him is getting to be a real downer.

If you find yourselves talking, night after night, about his feelings surrounding his divorce, and if you realize you are wiping his tears more often than you are laughing or having fun together, it could be a sign that he’s still very preoccupied with his previous relationship and not emotionally ready for a new relationship with you..

If resentment is coming up for you, check in with yourself to determine what exactly is making you unhappy.

What do you want that you’re not currently getting in your relationship?

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