Pua speed dating tips

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This all ties back to the great maxim of online dating, which is: You will never get laid with online dating if your real-life game sucks.

Its corollary is: The stronger your real-life game is, and the better your target market selection, the less results you need from online in order to have sex with new women.

There are some downsides with this…if your photo is really great, people will actually assume it’s fake(! Yes, I actually had this problem when I tried it recently. For older men only: Break one of the Blackdragon rules and blatantly lie about your age, especially on sites like POF that block you from messaging younger women.Credit for some of these techniques go to Chukka, Ken, and Ironpen who showed me some of these. Your response rates will be higher if you message women who already see you on their quickmatch, and the more women you rate favorably, the more quickmatches you’ll receive. An old technique I’ve been using forever is to only message women who are “Online Now”.An improvement to this is to only message women who are “Online Now” have recently posted an update of some kind.Regardless, this will really boost your response rates with the younger women.Frankly, if you’re a younger, better-looking guy going after older milfs and cougars, I see no reason this would not work in reverse.

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