Rails schema rb not updating

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Here’s a simple example with git: If you’re following the suggestions above, merging your branch’s changes into mainline should be very clean.

Usually the only conflict will be the schema version line. If there are massive conflicts then it’s likely someone on your team (possibly you) has screwed up, and that mainline’s does not reflect the true current state.

In your production environment run “RAILS_ENV=production rake db:schema:dump”. Of course you may create your own dependent files and then load them in the file but anyway you have to worry about what to do on second run. For example create rake tasks, of even going to production console and write code there after deploying (I hope you don’t do it).There is also gem which helps to structuring you seeds data - seedbank. But none of them doesn’t solve all problems with the problem. This post tells about these disadvantages and how to get rid of the issue with the and don’t touch the old migrations.It will be broken because at those moment we won’t have without the namespace. To be honest this solution doesn’t have disadvantages except a few. And as a result requires more time to write the code.

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