Red flags on dating profiles

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Maybe “All Blank Voters swipe left” is part of the issue.Maybe the lack of reasonable debate and conversation with the opposite party without resorting to name calling is what’s missing.And based on the problem I just explained about male dating app profiles, this makes sense.You’re looking at all these pictures of cocky shirtless foaming-at-the-mouth animals and as an act of protection you write out rules like “No hook ups!

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But PLEASE, have the first couple pictures be just you. When you have to look at someone else and ask, “Which one is she? I never get why travel is put in the same sentence as how much you love your family and friends. As if you met a guy and he gets along with everyone you love and they love him too but he just isn’t into Mykonos. He just wouldn’t spend five grand to take a picture with a cool Snapchat filter.So writing “Not here to hook up” kind of ruins the fun of the one place this dream could actually come true. I’m not saying this means you have to hook up, but please stop writing that. We get that you needed the picture with all of your friends in front of the spray painted mural of the feminist slogan in the non-gentrified section of town while doing the Spice Girls poses.It’s like a guy writing, “Not here to sit on the couch on Sunday nights because I kind of feel bloated after the weekend and I like being alone.” I don’t see him going on many dates. I agree, you do look hot in the picture with your friends where you’re all laughing at brunch.And since guys don’t see what other guy profiles look like, these contracts felt a little like someone who was absolving themselves of any responsibility if this yet-to-happen relationship went south.As you’ll see from the “red flags” below, a lot of them hinge on this premise of protection which, again, I understand. We’re pretty sure you don't go anywhere to just hook up.

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