Rick genest and lady gaga dating

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On March 5, 2010, a Facebook fan page was created about Zombie Boy's unusual choice of tattoos.

This page reached 1,526,292 members (as of November 19, 2011) and ultimately led to his discovery by Lady Gaga's fashion director Nicola Formichetti.

The unusual video, which is almost three minutes long, is sped up to show a team of make-up artists removing the product from his arms, face and body to finally reveal the full extent of his Zombie body art.

The introductions on Rzy M's Channel led to increasingly mainstream media coverage, notably a June 2008 feature in 'Bizarre' magazine.

According to his video, he started living "an anarchistic lifestyle".

He claims to have already been introduced to punk rock, the punk scene and freak shows before his decision to tattoo himself.

The commercial success of this campaign led to a 2-year endorsement contract with L'Oreal for Zombie Boy, who became its first ever male spokesperson.

Zombie Boy also appeared in the music video of the Polish pop singer Honey.

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