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They could have been drawn any number of other ways. Continental Divide border Poor Idaho goes from being 310 miles wide in the south to a mere 45 miles by the time it reaches the Canadian border.

Evidence of the limits of his influence is the border's sharp line north near where the Clark Fork River enters Idaho.Has not Montana thrown as much gold into the commercial channels of trade and commerce as California had, up to the time that the valley of the Yosemite was thus granted to her by the General Government?And we are satisfied our neighbors of Wyoming would be too reasonable and generous to object to the grant, in the face of the fact that natural circumstances render the prize utterly worthless to them."We understand our wide-awake Delegate will introduce a bill, the present session, asking for appointment of a commission to readjust our boundary, so as to include the Upper Yellowstone, and we suggest to Messrs.Beck and Vivion, our representatives in the Legislature, that a co-operative memorial would be very proper."Wide awake or not, Montana's delegates didn't get to claim all of Yellowstone, though it appears the original intent of those who wrote the bill to preserve Yellowstone was to include it in Montana.

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