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Ive lived on the east coast for the better part of the past 10 years.

My friends tell me you can "take the girl out of Southern California, but you cant take the Southern California out of the girl.

Neither is close to the autonomy or common-sense understanding of the world that people use to apply skills and knowledge to new situations.

This is far from the first time AI researchers have created bots that improvise their own ways to communicate.

The team taught their bots to play this game using a two-step program.

First, they fed the computers dialog from thousands of games between humans to give the system a sense of the language of negotiation.

Then they allowed bots to use trial and error—in the form of a technique called reinforcement learning, which helped Google’s Go bot Alpha Go defeat champion players—to hone their tactics.

When two bots using reinforcement learning played each other, they stopped using recognizable sentences.

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