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Sparks from locomotives, sawmills, and fires ignited the slash loggers left behind.Fires repeatedly ravaged the area, scorching the ground down to rock.In 1994, about 86 acres in the valley were purchased by the U. Fish and Wildlife Service to establish Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge and in 2002, Allegheny -- having kept development of most of Canaan Valley at bay since its 1923 land purchase -- sold its property, which was added to the refuge.Large portions of the Potomac Highlands are managed wild areas in Monongahela National Forest (919,000 acres), Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge (16,550 acres), Blackwater Falls State Park (2,358 acres), and other parks and preserves.Allegheny’s plan involved damming the Blackwater River and flooding approximately 8,000 acres, about 25% of Canaan Valley.The project was denied a Clean Water Act permit based on the project’s adverse impact upon wetlands, a relatively new concept at the time.

Day 5: Drive with sightseeing, short hikes, and dinner: Seneca Rocks-visit Seneca Rocks Discovery Center and Sites Homestead and Heritage Gardens.Each day will begin with us eating breakfast together and packing our lunches.We will need to form carpools and travel to the day’s hike location. On most days the round-trip distance between the cabins and the trailhead will be between 20 and 50 miles.Hike Seneca Rocks Trail (2.6 miles up and back with 740 foot elevation change).Seneca Rock is a rock formation that rises nearly 900 feet above the North Fork River.

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    The scientists were interested how a person’s genotype influences his or her dating success, Science Daily reports.

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