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As the economic situation of the people is extremely bad, sometimes asking about how they do will be interpreted as you trying to offer some help.

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Daughters may also be given into marriage in order for parents to obtain economic benefits from the dowry, and since parents are often uneducated, marriage seems like an appropriate option for a girl's future stability.Of those married at age 12, 75% resided in rural areas, as well.Literacy rate also displayed a strong correlation with child marriage, as out of 200 interviewees, 71% of parents who forced their daughters to marry, as well as 70% of the girls, and 50% of the husbands were illiterate.A question about which province they come from is always helpful, especially if you know something about that part of the country and can share that with them (eg: "it is a beautiful part of the country", "I have seen pictures of it", "I would like to go there some time" and so on).Questions on marital status of the women should be avoided, especially in front of others, as this is considered rude.

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