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"Nostaré" begins with sounds of water drops and returns to deal with melancholy disappointment in love with a fine instrumental support led by Jean, looking for the simplest, most elemental, taking off any superfluous beat. received a positive review by Allmusic, which rated the album with 3.5 out of five stars, and describing the album as a relatively downcast in attitude and stripped-down in style, emphasizing acoustic rather than electric instrumentation.

Also, the review said that the tracks "No Llorá" and "Busco Me" were some of the "highlights" of the album.

Colbert is delightful as Gerry, Mc Crea as well as her bewildered husband, but Vallee and Astor really steal the show as the eccentric Hackensacker and his sister.They are about to be thrown out of their apartment when Gerry meets rich businessman being shown around as a prospective tenant.He gives Gerry 0 to start life afresh but Tom refuses to believe her story and they quarrel.It was released after Bebe's four-year hiatus from the music business, following the success of her debut album Pafuera Telarañas.Recorded over a year in Madrid and Cadiz, Spain, Y.

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