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If you are currently being abused, or have been abused in the past, you should know that you do not suffer alone.Right now millions of people around the world struggle to maintain dignity, safety and self-worth in the face of ongoing abuse.

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Some argue that the show is “raising awareness” about suicide, not glamorizing it. Is this shot a way of symbolizing Selena’s own “wrecked” mental state? Inside the house, Selena stumbles towards the kitchen, throws all of the groceries she just bought on the ground and starts rolling around on them. Gomez spends a lot of time singing to the blazing sun.

Abuse occurs when people mistreat or misuse other people, showing no concern for their integrity or innate worth as individuals, and in a manner that degrades their well-being.

Abusers frequently are interested in controlling their victims.

It touches victims across the lifespan from children through elders.

Abuse is a serious social and cultural problem affecting everyone whether as a victim of abuse, a perpetrator, a friend or confidant of an abused person looking for ways to be helpful, or simply as someone who is angered by injustice and wants to work for positive change.

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    survey has revealed that 2 in 5 people have discovered fake dating profiles online, and 1 in 5 have been asked for money by someone they have been contacting.1 in 4 UK adults have used dating website at some point, so it is important to be aware of the risks.

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