Skyrim quest log not updating carbon dating and turin shroud

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So I had decided to do do all of the dark brotherhood quests and am now attempting to become thane of all the holds.There is only one problem though: I can't be come thane of Falkreath.I put it on my quest log updates and it shows where I am suppossed to go.The problem is I took it off, so the quest log took off that update. There might only be one amulet of mara associated with the quest, have you tried putting all of the amulets on to see if one of them works?

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And now it won't even let me store them again until I complete that one quest! Before I got this quest I already had two Amulet's of Mara. So I get this third one where I am told to wear and go to the ghost.

Enemies will also carry the perks of Skyrim Redone. This module was especially added for Frostfall users.

It enhances the Wayfarer-tree with perks that apply to Frostfall, and consequentially requires Frostfall as well as the main module to work.

I don't like repeating myself, which is why this page exists.

If users ask me questions that are on this page, they will be ignored.

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