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I think this helped get him a ticket straight through to the top 100, well it definately got Bonnie’s vote.Next up was Jess, Hilton’s girlfriend she did modern dance as well.As Jason said this is about being Australia’s favourite dancer, his “I can’t be carrying her” comments will not endear him to the people who vote.

Danielle a contemporary dancer, whose technique I thought was ordinary was given a lifeline by Bonnie into the choreography round.Kassie a 21 year old Delta Goodrem look a like was a model who appears in ads and video clips.She herself was not without some Delta health issues, previously having a tumour on the knee. Jason said “As a canvas you are fabulous, but your dancing left me underwhelmed.Jason Coleman clearly was paying homage to Sydney by dressing as a leather man, whilst Bonnie Lythgoe is embracing the return of ’80’s fashions wearing a lime green leather jacket. First auditionee was Hilton an 18 year old boy whose African parents had quit their other jobs to clean the studio where he danced so he could get free lessons.I hope they are also getting a wage other wise they are getting mightily ripped off.

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