Speed dating roommates

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Since we were complete strangers to each other, there wasn't really much to say.In order to find the perfect roommate, I have compiled a list of questions you can ask: It's always a good idea to get some background information on the person you are trying to get to know.She said she was pleased by the overall turnout.“I think a lot of people had a great time, and people were able to meet a lot of other people,” Song said.Attendees enjoyed Finale chocolate ganache and blueberry cheesecake, as well as an unusually balanced gender ratio.I was introducing myself to someone I had never met, which is something I had never done before.We each said a little bit about ourselves and then the conversation went dead.You post a little biography about yourself and wait in hopes that someone will message you.Initially, when I began this process, I felt lost and quite awkward.

Now that I have decided on what college I will attend, I have began my search for a potential future roommate.

According to Song, this year’s event drew more men than usual.

“Typically there’s been a much better female turnout, but this year there was a more balanced ratio,” Song said.

You wouldn't want a roommate whose favorite snack is a jar of peanut butter if you have a severe food allergy. Whether it be old high school friends, family visiting, or a group of kids from your math class over to study, make sure your roomie is comfortable with having strangers in their room. If they answer yes, you have two possible outcomes on your hands.

One, they may never be in the room at all, or two, they may always be in the room... If they do have a significant other, be sure to establish some ground rules in order to avoid any unnecessary and awkward conflict.

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