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They can actually cause such intense anguish and distress, it will last a lifetime until you gain the awareness that it wasn't you, it was the situation that you were (or are currently) in.

If you've been a victim of this type of negative person, you may feel like there is something wrong with you and that if only you were better, or smarter, or nicer, or more competent at your job, or just did the right things for once then the situation would be better between you and the negative person.

For ease of reading this article, I'm going to use "he" throughout but a blamer can be male or female.This is because he doesn't see you as a separate person. Nothing you do is ever right though and he'll constantly criticize you and belittle you. A clue that you're dealing with this type of personality is that he tends to show different sides of his behavior to different people.For example, one child may be treated differently than the others.They are extreme blamers though in that this blaming aspect is a main part of their personality.They're not someone who just occasionally blames others when they get frustrated.

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