Tourettes syndrome and dating

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We arrived at my house and he told me he had a really fun night and thanked me for bringing him to the play.

I told him I had a fun night too and we both agreed that we should do something like this again.

He's a big talker so we talked the whole way to school on just about every topic imaginable.

I wasn't expecting to much from the play because it was about Einstein and Picaso meeting at a bar, but I was hoping that it would be good.

We had planned to go see a play at my school afterwards but we were way early so we went out to ice cream to kill some time.

On the way to ice cream I did my bird chirping vocal tic which I knew was unavoidably going to happen sooner or later that night because we had been talking about it.

He told me he understood and was just glad that I wasn't choking or anything.

Later that night he even said to me "I know you may think it sucks or people may make fun of you for it, but I mean I think people should be jealous, it's kinda really cool". After the ice cream we headed for school to see the play.

After it was over though Speed Racer told me that it was one of the best high school plays he'd seen!

I was glad he liked it so much but wait i'm getting ahead of myself.

Also it really puts you at ease knowing that your date is okay going out with someone who has TS and you don't have to keep wondering "what will he think when I tell him?

" He drove to my house to pick me up and then we went out to dinner.

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