Updating employment contracts

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There is always a contract between you and your employer, even if you do not have anything in writing, because you have agreed to work for your employer in return for them paying you.The terms of an employment contract set out what you and your employer have agreed and what you can expect of each other; your rights and duties.Keep an eye out for changes to your company policy, and any correspondence your employer may give you that provides you with notice regarding proposed changes to your employment agreement.

The tribunal would decide what employment particulars you should have been given and these will take effect, as if your employer had given them to you.These changes are considered to be fundamental because, by altering these terms in your agreement, your employer is essentially creating a new contract of employment with you.If you think that your employer may have changed a fundamental term in your employment contract, or has proposed to change a fundamental term, you should speak with a contract attorney.Some of the main particulars of employment must be put in writing, i.e. The written statement must include: Details of any Probationary Period should also be included.From 1st September 2013, Employee Shareholders, a new form of employee contract, were introduced – and these contracts will be slightly different. If you are not provided with a Written Statement after 2 months then our advice would be to firstly talk to your Manager(s) or your Trade Union if you are a member.

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