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This will allow you to customize the fonts used by your Kindle, be it in books, or the UI, and optionally grant you deeper control over the font rendering engine.

On FW 5.3.x, it serves as a wrapper around the alt fonts trick with an added layer of safety, and on FW 5.4.x, it allows you to continue using custom fonts without embedding them in each book, despite the changes in the Aa menu's behavior.

Note that if you have KUAL set up and running, you're welcome to use our very own MR Package Installer, which may speed up the process if you're installing multiple things .I say 'port', but some of it's *cough* 'inspired' *cough* from ixtab's excellent Kindle Touch Font Hack, some of it from the Font Config KUAL extension, and most of it is based on the findings of multiple people on this forum, so, thanks everyone!NOTE: You'll need to be running at least FW 5.3.x for this to work (to avoid issues, you won't be able to install it on unsupported FW versions anyway).The weird thing is that when I update a font, the initial screen says "New font found" and it takes a moment to process, but the new font is not placed into Scribus' own font list.My fonts are all in the normal Windows/Fonts folder, and Scribus in fact uses that path to point to an outdated font that doesn't exist any longer in Windows/Fonts!

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