Updating instances

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Have a look at find microbenchmark and save microbenchmark, and at their implementations (find & save).

Not all benchmarks accurately reflect real world performance; more on microbenchmarks.

Jongo comes with a custom Jackson configuration that can be extended.

DB db = new Mongo()DB("dbname"); Jongo jongo = new Jongo(db, new Jackson Mapper.

To handle polymorphism of Java objects, a field containing the class name must be set into the Mongo document. Not because it is made of ancient wood and magic stones, it just binds Jackson — the fastest Java json (un)marshalling library — to Mongo Java driver with the slightest glue code possible.

Since 0.3, Jongo uses Mongo Java driver at a deeper level to enhance performance.

This approach supports customers who want to innovate more quickly and move at a cloud cadence of rapid development lifecycles.

There are many sites and providers from where you could get the icons. Option 1: In the Dynamics 365 solution, select the entity to update the icons.

Easy way to search for the right icon is the quick search.

Nano Server offers a variety of methods for staying up to date.

Instead of converting results into strings and unmarshalling strings into objects, it works at level (query marhalling works the same since 1.0).

Several microbenchmarks (using Caliper & Yourkit) highlight this release net improvements: Jongo 0.3 is 6 times faster than Jongo 0.2, which make it as fast as the driver!

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