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So, teens are leaving to find a little bit more (perceived) privacy in their social networking. The history of social networking has always been a cycle of consolidation and diversification.

People consolidate towards an accepted platform that develops as a center of social communication, and then after a few years, leave and divide their interests among more options which give more diversity, focus and control.

A NEW PARADIGM Most of us are familiar with the term “paradigm shift.” Many of us feel that a paradigm shift is long overdue, but what exactly is a paradigm? The paradigm we address in this book is nothing less than the consensus reality that determines the world we humans experience, our collective world-view. THE HIGH ROAD TO HAPPINESS We’d all like to be happier, more connected, more successful, more loved and more loving. This may not be easy, and it may not happen overnight, but it is possible. This book offers powerful keys to the “shift” many predicted for the year 2012, the initial phase of ? • Uncover and replace core beliefs that stand in the way of the evolutionary upward spiral to higher consciousness. • Discover that the laws that apply to you differ depending on your frequency, i.e. • Learn about the role of free will, and your ability to choose your frequency and thereby your reality.

A paradigm, whether scientific, spiritual, or social, is simply an individual or collective belief system, a set of agreed-upon assumptions about a particular subject. We can choose to shift our current paradigm by replacing some of our most fundamental assumptions about the nature of reality, by examining and modifying our core beliefs, and thus updating the world-view that drives our individual and collective existence. As you read this book, you will: • Gain a new perspective on the nature of the Universe.

Several photos showed the 7-year-old girl among a crowd of residents evacuated from Aleppo.

According to Ahmad Tarakji, president of the Syrian American Medical Society, NGO workers are providing assistance to her and others.

Even with less mass appeal, but to a more specific purpose.

She has been described as "our era's Anne Frank," updating the world on the horrors of war in Syria's Aleppo in real time.

But the story of Bana al-Abed, whose Twitter account now has more than 320,000 followers, took a much more fortunate turn Monday.

After a period of social exposure (consolidation), people tend to become more private (diversification), often expressing the observations deftly communicated by this comment: We fundamentally want to communicate with one another.

What we don’t want to do is go to “Church” every time we need to communicate. You have to get dressed up and maintain appearances.

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