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Use your journal to write out the top 5-7 qualities you’d love to have in a mate.

I like when they’re soul-qualities like kindness or romance because your soulmate can come in many different packages and this allows you to remain open and to be surprised.

You can use your journal to do the articles exercises.

The interview process means that you reveal what is most important to you in a potential partner.

I believe that ‘like attracts like,’ so don’t wait for your mate to complete you. History often repeats itself but we are the one constant.

With the ability to match a potential partner near the user, people now do not have to wait for the opportunity to approach girls, as Tinder does a good job in bringing two people together regardless of where there are.

It’s certain that Tinder is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the dating scene.

Yet, truth be told, it’s no longer going to help in our dating life and here are a few reasons why: While swiping left to someone else’s profile, the fear of rejection isn’t there.

You can then reread it to remind yourself before you go out.

~ You can journal about what you have in common and how you’re different.

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