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Intermountain is redesigning 65 beds at the NICU at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center with 3 cameras (2 fixed and 1 rotating) that send 24-hour live video feeds of a little one to parents via VSee secure video chat.You can get a live demo of the Intermountain-VSee NICU setup at this years ATA Meeting and Trade Show May 5-7 in Austin, TX. Stephen Minton, neonatologist at Intermountain Healthcare, who started the NICU in 1979.

But to completely take away contact visits discriminates against people who do not have the money to afford it." Prince, who is not only the president of UPAN, but is also a licensed clinical social worker, says that in-person visits are critical to an inmate's ability to successfully transition back into the real world once they're released.If you want to video call with an inmate, you can either download the software to call from home (if you have high-speed Internet access), or you can visit the jail in Vernal and use the company's kiosk.A 15-minute call costs .50 at the on-site kiosk or just over if you call from home."The research shows that contact visits, and being able to hold someone's hand, helps soothe people who are incarcerated and helps manage moods—thus reducing anger," she says.Prince says services like Getting Out's video software are just the latest in a long line of high costs for the families of inmates.

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