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Every time the discussion comes up, we add a little bit more research to the mix and learn a little bit more about voice chat's impact on online games.party voice chat applications, we decided to take a moment to share some of our findings and explain why we haven't implemented voice chat in League of Legends, but also why we haven't closed the doors on it being possible in the future. We often survey League of Legends players on whether they prefer to use voice chat with friends, and over 79% of players agree that it's a more enjoyable way to play League of Legends.But when you ask League of Legends players whether they prefer to use voice chat with the agree rate drops to 50%: 1 in 2 players do not want to voice chat with strangers, or don't care. When looking at numbers like these, we have to carefully consider that adding voice chat would actually create an These numbers might seem different than results from online polls or general threads you've seen here on the forums, but there are two important variables at play.One, players that tend to visit online forums or communities are a Two, online polls or questions about voice chat rarely distinguish the difference between voice chatting with friends versus strangers.Given the features games like these have, every so often, there's a heated discussion within Riot about voice chat - should we build it in League of Legends?Would it improve the player experience for the average player?We were especially curious as to whether or not these applications created a more enjoyable experience in games where there was voice chat between strangers.

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This experience will be completely different than an integrated voice chat solution that enables voice chat very easily for the entire playerbase.There have also been a few concerning studies about gender cues and voice chat in other popular, competitive online games.For example, a published paper from Ohio University showed that just giving a cue or sign that you're a woman on voice chat leads to 300% more negative comments compared to a male voice, is a great experience, and what League of Legends players actually want.If you just ask the question "Do you want voice chat in League of Legends?", most players answer the question through party voice chat applications, we were able to do some neat data analysis on the impact of voice chat to the League of Legends experience.

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