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Size 152 x 105mm Land Rover Legends Series 3 (Numbered 101-104) 2000 EL4 - Here we have another four Land Rover models shown against suitable backgrounds in the same format as the previous two series.

I had a 1959 Mini and my aspiration to own a Cooper was never achieved! Also in the set is the RF single-decker and the DMS.

Included are an RT, an RF and an RMC (Routemaster double-deck coach with rear platform doors by AEC Park Royal). Size 152 x 105mm Nottingham Trams 2004/2007 12 - Celebrating the birth of Nottingham’s new tram system, Nottingham Express Transit, the first line of which opened in 2004 from Bulwell in the north to the main railway station, these colour photos show the official opening ceremony and the stylish new vehicles at various points along the 23-stop route, plus a card picturing one of the trams on a magazine cover, with a description of the on-going project on the backs. Deep Sea Divers c1900 reprint c1995 EL3 - These cards take us back more than a century.

They are colour chromos, reminiscent of Liebigs, picturing divers working on the sea bed. Heavyweight Champions of the Naughty 1890s (Boxing) 2001 L4 - Today’s boxing contests must seem like a junior warm-up in comparison to the bloody fights which took place in the late 19th century, as described on these cards in texts researched from contemporary newspapers. Jeffries – are American and there is our very own Bob Fitzsimmons making up the set.\r\n Size 81 x 60mm.\r\n Iron Mike Tyson Bonus Series 2004 L5 - This is an addition to the main series of thirty, and features five fights held in New York State between his first in November 1985 and 23rd in June 1986 in which Tyson beat various opponents only two of whom lasted beyond the second round.

As a result, she took to sleeping in a car outside of the Wilson's' home after spending a night out with them.

Dixon found Silver leading the two to reveal and compare their troubled histories.

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