Wp rss feed not updating updating your passport in canada

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The issue also only started since I started “Cache Everything”.

So that, along with the above makes me pretty certain it’s coming Cloud Flare.

Any other ideas accepted too This site has two feeds, one native which does indeed hit Feedburner.

As we mentioned earlier, XML follows a strict syntax and seemingly insignificant things like a blank line or a tab can cause the feed to break and the XML to error out.

You can remedy this by looking for the blank space manually.

To prevent this, validators were constructed to translate the feed into code to make it easier to determine if you the site is producing RSS correctly.

To test if your RSS feed url is validated: – Find an RSS validator that you trust (is an example of one that we use) – Enter your RSS feed url, it will either give some possible causes of the error or validate the url The last resolution option is also the most complex and should be attempted only after the first two have been completed.

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