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If you’ve noticed at events and weekly shindigs in previous years at one time or another, there was probably an Asian guy was wearing one. Otherwise, you can be totally saturated but that sweater keeps your follows safe from touching your bodily fluids……or at least the sweaty ones.SHIRTS Keeping with the classic look, I usually go with the traditional white collared shirt (long sleeves, which I usually roll up above the elbow).

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It's how successful people grow, but what many others don't understand is that we bring about, whatever it is we map out Is your number one Bucket List goal to establish your own entity and become a business owner or Solopreneur consultant?

I’ve seen them and I even have one myself (I wore it to your wedding).

If you plan on making an investment of purchasing a suit (Zoot Suit, Three Piece, Double Breasted….etc).

Mandi: But they do look dashing and very Clark Gabel.

Dean: SWEATER VEST The most popular pattern is “argyle” in a variety of different colours. But like the waistcoat it will provide a barrier and soak up some of the sweat.

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